Thursday, November 1, 2012

"its all fair in the end gov "

"I answer that, Even as in bodies there is gravity or levity whereby they are borne to their own place which is the end of their movement, so in souls  there is merit  or demerit whereby they reach their reward or punishment, which are the ends of their deeds.

 Wherefore just as a body is conveyed at once to its place, by its gravity or levity, unless there be an obstacle, so too thesoul  the bonds of the flesh being broken, whereby it was detained in the state of the way, receives at once its reward or punishment, unless there be an obstacle

. Thus sometimes venial sin, though needing first of all to be cleansed, is an obstacle to the receiving of the reward; the result being that the reward is delayed. And since a place is assigned to souls  in keeping with their reward or punishment, as soon as the soul is set free from the body

 it is either plunged into hell  or soars to heaven
 it be held back by some debt,
 for which its flight must needs be delayed until the soul is first of all cleansed."

as i grow senile i note i mellow
  and am today as i write this
   not a very harsh judge of my fellow hu-creatures

i take that tripartite system
hell heaven and purgatory
 to suggest very few soarings and plungings

yup i figure  most of us souls
   are headed for the mountain hike depicted below  :

brit sputter on growing inequality

this is the usual match stick study reort

its what is to be done adds up to plus zero

more highering up of  lower ed
more  at state expense day care
more programs to skill build
more ..

supply side eye wash

pulling every one below the median...above the median

higher wages thru better skills
and more head and hands on the job for more but really flexible hours


lets take it from another start line:

this brit report]s answers
 to the savage trends in household take home
 ---if you don't happen to have a professional degree---
are pea sized to say the least

The usual higher the lower Ed standards
Including more years of forced schooling!
the equally usual skill supply side voodoo yammering
"Make our skilled less ...skill filled "

ya ya ya
yet again
the same old same old
cries  of  Moses to the God of the burning trash bin

And of course the utterly bogus just so story
a chronic and growing
 mis match/ skill gap on the corporate demand side

one might ask here
What if The skills get built cheaper off shore ?

That needs an answer don't it mate ?

That has an answer
but its mostly about forex policy ultimately

Yes there's some profane  chatter about a broad front of transfer system policies
to raise incomes among the low waged
a few pence more for them  bottom jobsters

How about lifting
 the funding burden of all those social transfer payments
to our always with us
 low income households
       off ...yes off totally off
the low to middle   payroll class
And onto the high property class

A tax policy aimed at the scattering of economic rent sumps
so carefully nested among our institutional arrangements
 could easily replace a huge hunk of the present pay roll robbery

If the present system fails to provide good paying jobs
Them make the system's  beneficiaries pay for the the god damn
                                                                     social compensation to the losers